Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finally another post - Grant Meeting Yesterday

It took a while but here's another post.

We had the first quarterly meeting of the Core Leadership Team for the Western North Carolina Forest Industry Training Initiative Department of Labor grant yesterday. It provided a chance for new employees to meet the partners in this grant. Doug provided a great PowerPoint presentation that really outlined the objectives of the grant and how we are going to approach it ... at least for now. The grant is in it's infancy and we are all learning what works best as we go.

3 of the 7 new employess to be hired by the grant are on board and we are eagerly waiting the rest. The new employees here now are me... Pete Kennedy - GIS/GPS Instructor, Shannon Rabby - Fish & Wildlife Instructor, and Susan Roberts - Learning Specialist. We are spear heading the attack on marketing and recruiting for now and some of the things we have initiated are:

  • A new Haywood Community College Natural Resources website - coming soon - stay tuned!!!
  • An open house to be held in March or April.
  • A letter drafted to FFA outlining our new online natural resources programs to be started Fall 2006.
  • Cards to be sent to students in the Haywood database who applied and never came
  • Developing contacts for all programs in Natural Resources

I am new to blogging but plan to use this blog as a sounding board for the grant and other happenings in the Haywood Community College Natural Resources Division!


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