Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Learning Objects Symposium a success

The ABC's of Learning Objects Symposium held yesterday at AB Tech was a huge success. This collaborative, multi-institutional event was put on by AB Tech, Haywood Community College, Southwestern Community College, Tri-County Community College and Western Carolina University.

HCC had an especially strong showing at the symposium with more participants from our college than any other! Marlowe Mager gave a great introduction to the group on Learning Objects and Learning Object Repositories. Buddy Tignor and Lynn Gibbons-Beddow participated in the 'faculty showcase' portion of the symposium highlighting some of their innovative learning objects utilized the horticulture and english classes here at HCC. Amy Vester was part of the 'panel of experts' who fielded questions during the afternoon roundtable discussion. In addition to these folks, there were several other HCC faculty and staff in attendance at the conference!

From our very own Marlowe Mager - Learning objects, often called "sharable content objects," are digital entities that are used to teach a discrete lesson. They are modular, sharable, and reusable. Increasingly, they include searchable metadata. They are modular, in that they can be used independently of other instructional lessons. They are sharable, in that they can be passed on to others for use in completely different courses. They are reusable, in that they may be repeated across semesters and courses or even within a single semester. Metadata enables them to be searched for electronically according to any number of criteria and keywords.

North Carolina is in the process of building a state repository for Learning Objects that can be shared across colleges, curriculums and programs. If you'd like to learn more ... just ask!


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