Thursday, April 06, 2006

Natural Resources Adopted Chicken Thriving

John Sherman and Buddy Tignor (human in the photo) recently lectured to agriculture students at Buncombe Community School East about exciting career opportunities that open up with advanced training in Horticulture.

We also made a presentation covering the other exciting programs available to students in the Natural Resources Division at Haywood Community College.

The students at Buncombe Community School East raise chickens to help fund their hands-on education. The Natural Resources Division sponsored a chicken at the Organic Grower's School this spring, so while on campus we decided to check up on our Rhode Island Red named 'Haywood C. College'. I know this is a hen and Haywood is a masculine name, but the chicken will just have to suffer a little bit for our namesake. Haywood, like the Natural Resources Division is thriving and growing.


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