Wednesday, April 19, 2006

HCC Woodmen's Team Competes in Mid-Atlantic Woodsmen's Meet

The Haywood Community College Forestry Club recently placed second overall at the Mid-Atlantic States Intercollegiate Woodsmen's Meet behind their rival Penn State. The meet was held at Montgomery Community College where six two-year schools competed in both mental and physical competitions. "I am very proud of everyone," said Dan Bryson, vice president of the HCC Forestry Club. "It took a lot of hard work and practice. The biggest challenge we face is finding practice time for 15 students. All our practices take place after classes are completed."

HCC student Patrick Nichols became the first student to participate from a wheelchair where he won the axe throw. Nichols had a motorcycle wreck last semester that resulted in injuries paralyzing him from waist down. Classmate Jay Blackburn says for Nichols to win the axe throw was no surprise to most of his teammates because he is a very determined and driven person who dedicated a lot of time to practicing. Another first for HCC was overall winner Jay Blackburn. Blackburn will now travel to Stillwater, Minnesota to compete in the Stihl Collegiate Competition.

Following are the placements of the HCC team members:

Axe Throw, male: 1st Place-Patrick Nichols
Axe Throw, female: 1st Place-Brandy Banks
Dendrology: 2nd Place-Dan Bryson
Pole Climb, male: 1st Place-Kenny Frick
2nd Place-Zach Scott
Pole Climb, female: 1st Place-Brandy Banks
Single Buck: 1st Place-Jay Blackburn
Pole Fell: 1st Place-Dan Bryson and Brandon Garrison
3rd Place-Jay Blackburn and Jason Jones
Crosscut sawing, male/female: 2nd Place-Jason Jones and Molly Lassiter
Crosscut sawing, female: 2nd Place-Brandy Banks and Brooke Banks
Speed Chopping: 4th-Dan Bryson
Team Log Roll: 4th Place
Team Pulp Wood Toss: 4th Place


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